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Who We Are

Our mission

YMI is an inclusive international association of affiliated clubs making positive and enduring difference in the world through fellowship, community projects in the areas of Health, Environment and Education and partnering the YMCA mission worldwide.

Our founder

Judge Paul William Alexander was a member of the first club and is known as the author of the Constitution. He presented the idea of other YMCA Clubs. Known as the founder of clubs beyond the Toledo YMCA. He was elected as the first International President while assisting with encouraging growth of new clubs. Today, the Judge would be pleased to see that the idea of Y’s Men is open for ALL and provides service in so many clubs and countries.

Our history

Utilizing the Boosters (persons donating $100 to YMCA), a small club of 17 men agreed to start a club in 1920 like the Rotary for the support of the YMCA. In 1922, this club grew in size and support. The idea of clubs for other YMCAs was presented in 1922. They were “men of and for the Y” and the name for the idea was called “Y’s Men’s Club”.

our motto

To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right.

our vision

To be a recognized, globally oriented, voluntary service organization with a strong and committed membership that strives to enhance human values, with special focus on youth development, while upholding our motto “To Acknowledge the Duty that Accompanies every Right” and working in active service and close partnership with the YMCA, the United Nations and other worthy organizations to build a better world in which to live.

Our Objectives

STRATEGY 2032 provides a 10-year blueprint to build YMI into an organisation eminent in fellowship and community impact, collectively inspired and working collaboratively to help build an equitable and sustainable world. It affirms our desire to thrive collectively and to make an enduring and positive difference in the world as we enter our second century of existence. Tell me more! (2032 Strategy)


Y’s Men International was established to serve the YMCA as the initial idea came from a staff member, T.C. Evans. As it has grown, it continues to serve the YMCA and the Community.

Alexander Scholarship fund

International Award

Y’s Men International Centennial Award is presented to YMCA of the USA at the YMI Centennial celebration at YMCA World Council , Aarhus. International President Dr K C Samuel presented the award to Cici Rojas , National board chair of the Y USA . (Link to Facebook)

Alexander Scholarship fund

YMCA World vision 2030

Vision 2030 World Council opening ceremony video

Our Vision 2030 Strategy was adopted at the 20th World Council, in Aarhus, Denmark July 2022.

Alexander Scholarship fund

World Council 2022 - Highlights

Y’s Men International under the leadership of ISG Jose Varghese, the Executive Officers and Staff played an integral part of the 20th YMCA World Council held in Aarhus, Denmark July 3-9, 2022


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Y's Alliance Newsletter February 28, 2024

Alexander Scholarship fund

Y's Alliance Newsletter March 17, 2024

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Y's Alliance Newsletter April 17, 2024

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Y's Alliance Newsletter July 17, 2024

Link to 2023 Alliance Newsletters


Alexander Scholarship fund

Hawaii Relief

Devastating wildfires on the Island of Maui were intensified by powerful south winds caused by Hurricane Dora. Join us in making a difference by clicking on the link below to find out how you can lend a helping hand.

(Link to flyer)

(Link to Donation page)

Our Featured Programs

Our Featured Programs

Alexander Scholarship fund

100 Years of Service

In 2022, we celebrated a century of service as we commemorate the establishment of the International Association of Y’s Men. From one club to multiple clubs, we have grown together to support local YMCAs and make a lasting impact on communities. With the guidance of Judge Paul William Alexander, we have expanded our reach and fostered growth, ensuring that the YMCAs continue to thrive. At Y Service Clubs International – U.S. Area, we are dedicated to serving and supporting local YMCAs, leaving a positive mark on society. Your tax-deductible donation enables us to provide financial assistance in times of disaster, aiding in recovery and rebuilding efforts. Together, let’s create a better world for everyone.

Alexander Scholarship fund

Empowerment for YMCA Staff and Future Leaders

Welcome to the Alexander Scholarship Fund (ASF) and Dollars For Scholars Fund (DFS), where we are dedicated to empowering YMCA present and prospective staff. Our mission is simple: to provide financial support for training and development opportunities that help YMCA professionals excel in their roles and become future leaders in our movement. By investing in the education and growth of YMCA staff, we strengthen the YMCA organization and contribute to the founding new YMI clubs and support existing ones.

We are proud to announce the U.S. Area Dollars for Scholars Grant application is now open! Don’t miss this opportunity! Apply today for financial assistance and further your education and professional development, by clicking [here].

To learn more about the Alexander Scholarship Fund and how we’re transforming lives through education, click [here]. Join us in creating a brighter future for YMCA staff and future leaders!

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Alexander Scholarship fund

Building Fellowship (formerly Brotherhood Fund)

The Building Fellowship program began in 1931 when it was known as the “Bishop’s Fund.” From 1968 until 2022, it was known as the “Brotherhood Fund”. Its initial purpose was to promote our movement outside North America and to enable Y’s Men from other areas to attend International Conventions (always held in North America in those days).

Later it expanded to help finance inter-continental, inter-Regional and inter-Club visitations and to assist with the overseas travel expenses of International Officers and official representatives. Most income originally came from the sale of used postage stamps but was later augmented by cash contributions from local clubs.

As the name suggests, its purpose is to build fellowship among club members and inspire leadership in the YMI movement.

Challenge 2022

Challenge 22 is the operational plan to strengthen our movement, which includes strategic steps for expansion to 50,000 club members in 3,000 clubs and 100 countries by 2022. Challenge 22 commits every club member to working collectively for the common good and future of our great international movement. If we are to reach the outlined goals everyone must be enthused and engaged. This is where we need your assistance.

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Christian Emphasis

The concept of CE is as old as our organization. It is inherent in our YMCA heritage, integral to our founder’s legacy and embedded within our Mission and Constitution. We are a worldwide fellowship of persons working together in mutual respect and affection for the common purpose of making the world a better place.

To define the purpose of Christian Emphasis, it is essential to clarify that when we use the word “Christian” we are referring broadly to the values expressed in the teachings of Jesus Christ, such as love your neighbor as yourself. The objective of CE is to ensure that the voice and activity of our organization reflect these core values and that our mission is expressed in a code of ethics.

Community Service

YMI clubs are often defined by the motto “Service in Action” with all inductees pledging to actively contribute to meeting our six objectives, beginning with service to the YMCA and support to other worthy organizations.
Extension (EXT)

The primary objective of Extension is to charter new clubs and increasing membership in our existing clubs.

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Disaster Relief Fund

In times of disaster, Y Service Clubs U.S. Area stands ready to provide crucial assistance. Our organization acknowledges the profound impact that disasters have on our members, their families, our communities, and local YMCAs. That’s why we are here, dedicated to offering support and aid during these challenging times. By making a tax-deductible donation, you enable us to provide vital financial assistance for the recovery and rebuilding efforts after a disaster strikes.

Endowment Fund Promotion (EFP)

The Endowment Fund serves as the cornerstone for a prosperous future within our movement. It provides essential funding for crucial endeavors such as special projects, expansion initiatives, operational subsidies, and a contingency reserve during times of uncertainty. Discover the boundless possibilities that await us!

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Environment Project Fund

The Environment Project Fund is committed to the preservation of our planet and the mitigation of Y’s Men International’s environmental impact. Our dedicated Green Team, comprising passionate Y’s Members, is tirelessly working towards creating a sustainable future for all. Join us in our mission to safeguard and nurture our precious planet!


Welcome to iGo, a novel collaborative program of Y’s Men International and the YMCA providing short term internships to young adults aged 18 – 30 from within both organizations.

International Brother Clubs (IBC)

IBC program promotes partnership between two or more YMI Clubs in different countries which join forces in international fellowship and cooperation. Regular contact is maintained through email, social networking, letters, club bulletins, videos, online meetings, and visits.

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Paul William Alexander Legacy Project

The Paul William Alexander Legacy Project is a collective effort to honor the founder of Y’s Men International in the lead up to the 100th anniversary celebrations in 2022. In addition to commemorating our origin, the collection of projects aims to consolidate a unified future, strengthening international solidarity and club members’ commitment to the vision of Paul William Alexander.

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Time of Fast Fund

Time of Fast is now a popular programme where Y’s Men members all over the world, traditionally give up at least one meal (usually during the month of February) and donate the cost of that meal to the TOF fund which in turn makes the money raised in this way available to projects sponsored by both Y’s Men and the YMCAs all over the world.

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Roll Back Malaria (RBM)

The RBM Partnership to end Malaria is the global framework for coordinated action against malaria. Our partnership with the World YMCA is focused on social mobilization and communication aimed at changing behavior and assistance to households in endemic countries.

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What we do

Our US Area Leaders

Doug Jones

Doug Jones

Area President

Information needed

Bio Link!

Shaju Sam

Shaju Sam

Past Area President

Y Service Club of Long Island – New York
Served as the Charter President
Served as the Regional Director for North Atlantic Region

Bio Link!

Nancy Libby

Nancy Libby

US Area Corporate Secretary

Nancy was brought up as a Y’s-ling. Once her children were grown, she joined Y’s Men in November 2002 after attending the International Convention in Sydney, AU, with her parents. After 1½ years, Nancy was elected Regional Secretary, a position she ended up holding for four years.

Bio Link!

David Workman

David Workman

Chief Financial Officer

Current President of the Wakefield-Reading Y Service Club
Current Regional Treasurer for the North Atlantic Region
What we do

Our US Region Leaders

Gerald Nehra

Gerald Nehra

MidAmerica Region

Gerald Nehra Bio link

The Mid America Region covers eleven states: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and West Virginia.

MidAmerica Region link!!

Dan Eberly

Dan Eberly

Pacific Southwest Region

The Pacific Southwest Region is made up of twenty-three clubs, organized into five districts. The region covers the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

Pacific Southwest Region link!!

Robert Sims

Robert Sims

Pacific Northwest Region

The Pacific Northwest Region is comprised of the following states Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming and the western half of British Columbia. We have two districts Cascade and Inter-mountain.

Pacific Northwest Region link!!

Varghese Korason

Varghese Korason

North Atlantic Region

Varghese Korason Bio link

The North Atlantic Region consists of the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont. There are currently 8 clubs in this Region.

North Atlantic Region link!!

Joe Dotson

Joe Dotson

North Central Region

Joe Dotson Bio link

The North Central Region covers the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. There are five clubs with a total membership of 100.

North Central Region link!!

Melanie Kaaihue-Yoshida

Melanie Kaaihue-Yoshida

Hawaii Region

Melanie Kaaihue-Yoshida Bio link
Y Service Clubs in Hawaii. Hawaii has ten (10) Y Service Clubs in two districts. The Island of Oahu, the “Gathering Place,” has seven (7) clubs in what we call the “Metro District.” The Neighbor Islands of Hawaii Island (the “Orchid Isle”,) Maui Island (the “Valley Isle”) and Kauai Island (the “Garden Isle”) each have one (1) club in what we call the “OVG District”.

Hawaii Region link!!

Kim Deal

Kim Deal

South Atlantic Region

Kim Deal Bio link
The South Atlantic Region includes Ten states, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. Our present membership is found in 5 clubs in 3 of the states which means we have a great potential for membership and extension in the other 6 states.

South Atlantic Region link!!


YMI International Conventions are held biennially (even year) with Area Conventions held intervening year (odd year.) Conventions welcome members, their families, and guests to well planned, inspirational, fellowship and educational programs filled with entertainment, recreation, children and youth activities, tours all at affordable accommodations in cities and countries hosted by YMI members. Regions bid to host YMI and Area Conventions.

2023 Area Convention will be held in New York.

2024 YMI Convention will be in Bangalore, India

Upcoming Events

July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

New Y’s Men’s Year

August 08, 2024 – august 11, 2024

Y’s Men International Convention
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Convention link!!


Get involved

There are several ways to get involved with YMI – join a club, start a club and volunteer in community service projects. Pick the path that most interests you and connect with YMI.

Become a member

We’re Y’s Men International, an active group of men and women dedicated to serving the community. And we have fun doing it!
Our Service Clubs can promise you and your family the personal pleasure of fellowship and shared values and ideals plus the satisfaction of making your community a better place to live in. The Y’s Men’s Club or Y Service Club in your area is part of a worldwide organization that works with YMCAs for community betterment in over 70 countries and territories on all continents, offering international opportunities for contacts and projects. We’re a mixed group that thrives on the variety of qualities that each of us contributes to the whole. We are male and female, of all ages, races, religions, and socio-economic levels. But in common we enjoy our shared service and accomplishments.

We place special emphasis on families as we know that the family unit provides solid foundations for healthy environments and for the better world that together, we aim to build.


Start a club

Constant membership growth is the lifeblood of the organization. It makes YMI better — better in service, better in fellowship and better in knowledge.
A dynamic expansion of membership broadens the base of the Movement across the world. And when performance improves, the organization’s stature in the world improves with it. The experience of new clubs added to the pool of knowledge already accumulated makes us increasingly capable of meeting the community’s needs — and of making membership even more stimulating and interesting. New clubs bring fresh ideas and potential future leadership.


Giving back to and strengthening its community is the principal purpose of a Y’s Men International club. Through regular, conscientious volunteerism and targeted fundraising we are committed to making a positive and sustainable difference – not just at the local level but around the world. Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Volunteer with the YMI and help your community in direct and meaningful ways.

Donate and support YMI

When you give to Y’s Men International – YMI, you support critical programs and services that makes a positive difference in our global community and right here in the U.S. A.

Support Your

Local Y

As YMI support the Y, we together strengthen communities locally, and we grow stronger globally.