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Area Service Directors

Service Directors (International, Area, Regional) are designated coordinators of YMI service programs assigned primarily with the duty of raising funds relative awareness and support to ensure successful implementation. Service Directors are generally appointed by elected executive officer of the same structured level – Regional Service Directors (RSD) are appointed by the Regional Director (RD); Area Service Directors (ASD) are appointed by the Area President (AP) and International Service Directors (ISD) are appointed by the International President (IP).

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Edwin Katthi

Doug Jones, ASD

Alexander Scholarship Fund

The primary purpose of the ASF is the subsidize the training of YMCA present and prospective staff.  While exemplifying our founding objective (service to the YMCA) AFG additionally benefits our Movement as YMCA professionals are often instrumental in founding new YMI clubs and/or supporting existing ones.  The ASF remains key to cooperation between our two organizations.

George K John

George K. John, ASD

Building Fellowship (formerly Brotherhood Fund)

Leadership through Fellowship

Joseph Mathews, ASD

Bulleting/YMI World Editors (BE)

Sharing information is vital to any organization.  The use of bulletins to disseminate news was first officially introduced in YMI in 1932, with the establishment of an International Convention Daily Bulletin.  The Movement’s international magazine, then called Y’s Men’s World, followed shortly after in 1936.

Rev. Carol Pobanz, ASD

Christian Emphasis (CE)

The concept of CE is as old as our organization.  It is inherent in our YMCA heritage, integral to our founder’s legacy and embedded within our Mission and Constitution.  We are a worldwide fellowship of persons working together in mutual respect and affection for the common purpose of making the world a better place.

To define the purpose of Christian Emphasis, it is essential to clarify that when we use the word “Christian” we are referring broadly to the values expressed in the teachings of Jesus Christ, such as love your neighbor as yourself.  The objective of CE is to ensure that the voice and activity of our organization reflect these core values and that our mission is expressed in a code of ethics.

Richard Lau, ASD

Community Service (CS)

YMI clubs are often defined by the motto “Service in Action” with all inductees pledging to actively contribute to meeting our six objectives, beginning with service to the YMCA and support to other worthy organizations.

Terry Bradley

Terry Bradley, ASD

Endowment Fund Promotion (EFP)

The Endowment Fund was created in 1958 as an international investment account managed by a five-member Board of Trustees and supported by Y’s Men’s clubs and individuals.  The EFP program was created to encourage capital contributions to the fund by establishing a system of personal recognitions for donations of CHF 50 or more.  A record of these special contributions is maintained by IHQ staff in Geneva, in what is known as the “Golden Book”.

Edwin Katthi

Edwin Katthi, ASD

EXTENSION and Membership Conservation

The primary objective of Extension is to charter new clubs and increasing membership in our existing clubs.  The first goal of MC is to ensure YMI clubs have sufficient membership to serve their community and local YMCA, if there is one by retaining current members and helping recruit new members.  A second objective is to ensure that newly chartered clubs are properly mentored and assisted giving extra support during the critical first year.

Debbie Redmond

Debbie Redmond, ASD

Global Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD 2.0)

Welcome to the evolution of excellence with GOLD 2.0! Our paramount objective is to create a transformative platform, propelling new members within our Movement into the realm of leadership mastery. Particularly focusing on those under the age of 30, we channel our energies to foster the growth of formidable leadership skills. Through this dynamic initiative, we not only kindle individual potential but also elevate the collective governance prowess of our esteemed organization. Join us on this journey of empowerment and watch as we shape a brighter, more capable future together.

Debbie Redmond

Debbie Redmond, ASD

Historian (HI)

Maintaining comprehensive records of significant events stands as an essential practice for any organization. Beyond the preservation of historical context, these records play a dynamic role in governing effectively. By cataloging information pertaining to previous undertakings, both triumphant and less so, the present leadership gains access to a treasure trove of essential data. This reservoir of knowledge equips them to craft judicious and well-informed choices while also steering clear of historical missteps, thus fostering a culture of informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Tom Strout

Tom Strout, ASD

International Brother Clubs (IBC)

The International Brothers program stands as a beacon of collaboration, igniting vibrant partnerships between YMI Clubs spanning diverse nations. Bound by the flames of international fellowship, these clubs converge in a symphony of cooperation, transcending borders and enriching the world with their combined strengths. Through the rhythmic pulse of emails, the expansive reach of social networks, the timeless elegance of letters, the resonance of club bulletins, the vividness of videos, the intimacy of online gatherings, and the warmth of personal visits, we cultivate a network that knows no bounds. Let our journey be one of inspiration, connection, and shared aspirations, as we build bridges of understanding and solidarity across the tapestry of our global family.

Debbie Redmond

Debbie Redmond, ASD

Leadership Training & Organization Development (LTOD)

The Leadership Training and Organization Development program holds a pivotal role in bolstering our elected leaders. Its core function entails the upkeep, distribution, and enhancement of relevant, contemporary, coherent, and efficacious training documents and tools. In addition, the program takes charge of orchestrating training symposiums, a vital platform aimed at guaranteeing the availability of fitting training resources and assistance across the diverse tiers of leadership within our Movement. Through these endeavors, our program ensures a robust foundation for leadership growth and empowerment.

Varghese Korason, ASD

Public Relations (PR)

PR involves managing the type and frequency of communication shared with specific recipients in order to foster a favorable reputation and productive relationships in the community.  It is PR’s job to release information in away that promotes a positive response among the greatest number of people while seeking our potential partners and explore opportunities for cooperation.

Roll Back Malaria (RBM)

The RBM Partnership to end Malaria is the global framework for coordinated action against malaria.  Our partnership with the World YMCA is focused on social mobilization and communication aimed at changing behavior and assistance to households in endemic countries.

Edwin Katthi

Shaji P. Zacharia, ASD

Short Term Exchange Programme (STEP)

STEP offer special travel and educational opportunities for children and grandchildren of YMI club members as well as young members who have been part of an affiliated club.  The primary goals are Fellowship Leadership Development in our young people.

David Workman

David Workman, ASD


Supplies refers to our various leadership pins (official supplies) as well as brand merchandise, non-official supplies such as T-shirts, mugs, etc. made available to our members.  These items acknowledge our leaders and intended to instill a sense of community and increase our visibility.

Joseph Kanjamala

Joseph Kanjamala, ASD


The concept is that YMI members give up at least one meal and donate the cost of the meal ot the fund.  The TOF program allocates funds for YMI and YMCA project which provide durable support to the needy.  TOF initiatives have both local and global impact.  Current project must align with the United Nations’ agenda and address at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sukhen J. Gomes, ASD

Travel Coordinator

David Workman

Richard Porter, ASD


Recognizing the significance of a well-crafted digital presence, a proficient website serves as a potent and contemporary avenue for disseminating information regarding our organization and its endeavors. This extends not solely to our esteemed members but also resonates with the broader public. At the helm of this responsibility, our dedicated Webmaster assumes the pivotal role of website management, encompassing regular maintenance, timely modifications, and necessary updates to ensure the platform remains current and informative!

David Workman

Bobby Stivers-Apiki, ASD

YMI Liaison to the YMCA (YL)

From the beginning of YMI, our organization has worked in partnership with the YMCA.  The primary responsibility of the YL is to develop and maintain communication with local and national YMCAs in the interest of strengthening our partnership.

Garrett Pierson, ASD

Area Youth Representative (YR)

YRs are expected to speak on behalf of YMI Youth at the appropriate leadership forum and to help other young leaders fulfil their goals.  Today’s YR’s select their YMI Mentors to support and guide them in completing their duties.

Jim Engert, ASD

Area Youth Representative Mentor (YRM)

YRs are expected to speak on behalf of YMI Youth at the appropriate leadership forum and to help other young leaders fulfil their goals.  Today’s YR’s select their YMI Mentors to support and guide them in completing their duties.

Jim Engert, ASD

Youth Involvement and Activities (YIA)

As a partner with YMI, Youth Clubs play a very important role in service to the YMA and the local and world community.  YIA consists of finding ways to strengthen the cooperation and coordination between our Movement and our Youth Clubs to meet our common purpose.

Connie Claes

Connie Claes, ASD

Y’s Menettes

The Y’s Menettes are almost as old as YMI.  Y’s Menettes may be any women who wish to enjoy fellowship and assist in the projects of YMI, the YMCA and their communities.

Charley Redmond

Charley Redmond, ASD


Portalbuzz (PB) was initiated in 2014 in an effort to move our organization into modern and more efficient system of membership management.  The Portalbuzz platform is designed for NGOs like ours.  It gives us the capability to record member information and issue invoices all from the database in the cloud.





Alexander Scholarship FundDoug JonesNorth Coast
Building Fellowship (formerly Brotherhood Fund)George K. JohnLong Island
Christian EmphasisRev. Carol PobanzNorth Jersey
Community ServiceRichard LauCentral YSC
Endowment FundTerry BradleySouth Rowan
Extension and Membership ConservationEdwin KatthiWestchester
GOLD 2.0Debbie RedmondCarondelet
HistorianDebbie RedmondCarondelet
International Brother ClubsTom StroutWhittier
Internships 4 Global Outreach (iGo)Shaji P. ZachariaWestchester
Leadership Training and Organisation DevelopmentDebbie RedmondCarondelet
PortalbuzzCharley RedmondCarondelet
Public RelationsVarghese KorasonFloral Park
Roll Back Malaria
Short Term Exchange ProgrammeShaji P. ZachariaWestchester
SuppliesDavid WorkmanWakefield-Reading
Time of FastJoesph KanjamalaWestchester
Travel CoordinatorSukhen J. GomesJackson Heights
WebmasterRichard PorterCarondelet
Y’s Men’s Liaison to YMCABobby Stivers-ApikiHilo / Kaimuki
Area Youth RepresentativeGarrett PiersonTorrance
Area Youth Representative MentorJim EngertNorth Coast
YMI World Assistant EditorJoseph MathewsToledo-Central
Y’s MenettesConnie ClaesFresno Central
Youth Involvement and ActivitiesJim EngertNorth Coast


Giving back to and strengthening its community is the principal purpose of a Y’s Men International club. Through regular, conscientious volunteerism and targeted fundraising we are committed to making a positive and sustainable difference – not just at the local level but around the world. Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Volunteer with the YMI and help your community in direct and meaningful ways.