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Alexander Scholarship Fund

The Alexander Scholarship Fund, otherwise known as ASF, was named after the founder of the Y’s Men Movement, Judge Paul William Alexander. The programme was called the Paul William Alexander Scholarship Fund (PWASF) until 1982 when the name was changed to Alexander Scholarship Fund.

Alexander Scholarship Fund form link

Time of Fast

The beginning of “Time of Fast” came by action of the “Human Crisis Committee” in its draft “Policy Statement” made on August 23, 1969 under the chairmanship of Kenneth Adams and reported to the Board of Directors at its meeting on July 21, 1970, Copenhagen, Denmark.

BrotherHood Fund

The Brotherhood Fund began in 1931 when it was known as the “Bishop’s Fund.” Its initial purpose was to promote our movement outside North America and to enable Y’s Men from other areas to attend International Conventions (always held in North America in those days).

Endowment Fund

To provide financial aid and stability for YMI’s present and future purposes, objectives, programme and expansion.

The goal is to extend and develop clubs affiliated with Y’s Men International around the world and to provide funds to solve special problems or carry on special projects which strengthen, extend and develop YMI in Areas or Regions.

International Brother Clubs

The Brother Club programme joins in partnership clubs located in different countries for their mutual benefit and better understanding. It is designed to assist fellow Y’s Men and Women and their families to learn about and exchange ideas between clubs, whether they are just over the border or right across the world. Y’s Women’s clubs may prefer to use the term “Sister Club.”

Area, Regional, and Club Events

In 2022, YMI will reach 100 years of service.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to become an honorary member of Y’s Men International.

Y's Men International Centennial Celebration - Taiwan

An international centennial celebration event will be hosted in Taipei, Taiwan from 15 to 17 November 2022.


Y’s Men International is committed to making the world a better place by addressing its most urgent needs. This video highlights some of the wonderful community service projects done by YMI members and clubs all around the world. Enjoy! For more information about the Y Service Clubs:  https://yserviceclubsusa.org/contact/

Our Purpose

To be a worldwide fellowship of men and women of all faiths working together in mutual respect and affection, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and with a common loyalty to the Young Men’s Christian Association, striving through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all mankind.

Our Focus
  • Offering relevant programs and services to the Y and Community

  • Promote Y staff leadership training

  • Promote Time of Fast to support our community

  • Provide several shorter-term, multiyear YMI project options for club involvement

  • Collaborate with the Y to organize and implement joint community projects

  • Develop community-based club projects


  • Enhance Y Service Clubs Image
  • Promote club bulletins at all levels (Club, District, Region, and Area)
  • Use Social media to promote local activities, community projects and enhance the global image
Our Vision

Yʻs Men International will be recognized globally as a service organization promoting cultural awareness leading to brotherhood and world peace.

Our Promise

While not all Y Service Clubs have established partnerships, the U.S. Area is working to reach and extend its clubs to Ys across the country.

  • Leadership Development. Y Service Club members service on Y boards, program committees, fundraising councils, provide educational and professional training opportunities for Y staff.
  • Y and Community Service. Y Service Club members conduct work clean-up projects at Y camps, Y facilities or volunteer at day camps, family nights as well as support other non-profit community organizations.
  • Financial Support. Y Service Club members generously contribute to the Y Annual Campaign, raise funds for youth programs and special projects as needed by the Y.
Our Motto

“To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right.”
The motto was adopted by Yʻs Men because of the tendency of most people to insist upon full enjoyment of all rights while remaining oblivious to the corresponding duties giving validity to such rights. Just as the green light giving right of way to traffic on one street must have a corresponding red light to warn traffic on the cross street of its duty to stop, so every right we enjoy is founded upon a corresponding duty. Our motto is a constant challenge to us to pay less heed to our rights, and more to the discovery and discharge of their corresponding duties-to transfer the emphasis from rights to duties.

Our History

Paul William Alexander, the founder, and first President Emeritus of Yʻs Menʻs International was born on December 8, 1888, in Toledo. Ohio. He graduated from Dennison University and Havard Law School. After several years in private practice, he became an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and later judge of the juvenile and Domestic Courts of Lucas County, Ohio, where he served until his retirement.  Judge Alexander remained an active Yʻs Man leader steering the movement to great glory from his first involvement in 1920 until his death on June 29, 1967. He believed that one fulfills himself as he serves others.  In 1962, the International Board of Yʻs Men adopted December 8 of each year for the celebration of Paul William Alexanderʻs birthday as the Founderʻs Day.

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