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Alexander Scholarship Fund

Paul William Alexander 

The Alexander Scholarship Fund, otherwise known as ASF, was named after the founder of the Y’s Men Movement, Judge Paul William Alexander. The program was called the Paul William Alexander Scholarship Fund (PWASF) until 1982 when the name was changed to Alexander Scholarship Fund.

ASF started in 1954, at the Y’s Men’s International Convention in Lansing, Michigan. Money had been collected to have a famous painter do a portrait of Judge Paul. He felt it was a waste, but agreed to sit for a renowned photographer at a lesser cost. Left-over monies amounting to about US$ 900 started this program of Y’s Men International.

ASF at first was administered centrally through the International Service Director (ISD) on the recommendations received from Area Service Directors (ASDs). Later the administration of the Fund shifted to the Areas. Each Area is expected to raise its own funds to meet the various requests from candidates who satisfy the conditions established by the Area. This also places the onus on each Area to raise sufficient funds in order to meet the ever-increasing number of requests from candidates.

Alexander Scholarship Fund Emphasis – November 2018


Just 10% of funds raised for ASF are sent to IHQ. The remaining 90% stays in your own country/Region for local use.


• International President’s 2018/19 target (10%): CHF 11,250. Let’s beat that!

• Average yearly contribution since 2013 (10%): CHF 10,156. Let’s beat that!

• Highest yearly contribution since 2013 (10%): CHF 13,015. Let’s beat that!

• Can we raise CHF 15,000 this year – for an International ASF total of CHF 150,000? Yes, we can!



The purpose of ASF is to promote the training of YMCA staff and/or those seeking to become YMCA staff members. Its aim is to alleviate the desperate shortage of YMCA professionals by;

(a) Encouraging young people in various countries to take on this responsibility and
(b) Making financial contributions for their training.

Who Benefits from ASF?

  • Persons already employed by the YMCA who need the grant to increase their training and proficiency.
  • YMCAs seeking trained staff.
  • YMCA members who are better served by professionally-trained leadership.

Allocation of Funds

90% of all money collected is retained at the local level (country or region) and the remaining 10% is passed on to IHQ for allocation at the international level. Since 1996, ASF international grants are no longer given to individuals but to the YMCA Area organizations for training purposes as they think fit.



Each Club is urged to promote some fund-raising project specifically for ASF. Some clubs take money from their general project funds.

Regional Conventions sponsor special activities or projects to bring in money. Fines are a fun source of income. Districts may celebrate an ASF DAY together with some money-raising activity.

To make a donation, please mail a check to:

Make your check payable to:
Y Service Clubs International – U.S. Area
Memo line: “Alexander Scholarship Fund”

Mail to: Abe Thomas, CFO
Y Service Clubs International-U.S. Area
Alexander Scholarship Fund
19 Brandywine Road
Ocean, NJ 07712