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Y Service Clubs in Hawaii. Hawaii has ten (10) Y Service Clubs in two districts. The Island of Oahu, the “Gathering Place,” has seven (7) clubs in what we call the “Metro District.” The Neighbor Islands of Hawaii Island (the “Orchid Isle”,) Maui Island (the “Valley Isle”) and Kauai Island (the “Garden Isle”) each have one (1) club in what we call the “OVG District”. Our dedicated clubs bring a Proud Tradition and Exciting Future to Y Service Clubs International with experience, dedication, and commitment. Our clubs support their Hawaii State YMCAs, their communities, U.S. Area, and International Y Service Clubs through well-planned and implemented activities all year round. One of the unique activities that illustrate the partnership of the YMCA and Y Service Clubs is the Region’s PEACE POSTER CONTEST where elementary school students attending their local YMCA after-school programs were asked to draw a picture illustrating what peace means to them and to write a short essay about the picture and their thoughts. The June 2015 issue of “Youth World” published by Y Service Clubs International featured Hawaii Region’s peace poster contest. Enjoy our Hawai’i Region Newsletter, “The Ku’i Ka Pahu” (Beat the Drum) and visit our Hawaii Region website at Y’s Men’s Hawaii.

Regional Leaders


Hawaii Regional Board Members
Regional Director (RD)Sharon Ishida
Regional Director-Elect (RDE)Joe-Ann McCarthy
Immediate Past RD (IPRD)Phil Sammer
Treasurer/SecretaryDuke Chung
Metro District GovernorMelanie Kaaihue-Yoshida
OVG (Orchid, Valley, Garden) DGKen Okimoto


Hawaii’s Regional Clubs
Atherton Y Service ClubCharteredJanuary 31, 2020
Central Y Service ClubCharteredMay 24, 1994
Kaimuki Y’s Men ClubCharteredApril 5, 1963
Kalihi Y Service ClubCharteredJanuary 19, 1991
Nuuanu Y’s Men and Women’s ClubCharteredMay 29, 1964
West Oahu Y’s Men’s ClubCharteredJanuary 14, 1984
Windward Y Service ClubCharteredApril 5, 1980

OVG District Hawaii’s Island, Maui Island, Kauai Island
East Kauai Y’s Mens ClubCharteredJuly 17, 1950
Hilo Y’s Men and Women’s ClubCharteredJuly 27, 1938
Maui Y Service ClubCharteredAugust 18, 1954