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Gerry Nehra

Gerry Nehra

Gerry Nehra, Mid-America Region It is my honor to serve as Regional Director, Mid-America Region for the term beginning July 1st, 2022. Born and raised in Detroit, I am a retired attorney living in Muskegon Michigan. My 30+ years of private practice, consulting with direct selling companies across the U.S.A., was preceded by 30+ years of corporate employment, including with three of the largest companies in the world. At General Motors, I was a cooperative engineering student at General Motors Institute for 4 years and a foreman and supervisor for 5 years at Chevrolet. At IBM, I was a systems engineer and sales representative for 4 years and an IBM Staff Attorney for 8 years. After 3 years as V.P. & General Counsel at Church & Dwight (the Arm & Hammer Company), I served for 9 years as Director of the Legal Division at Amway, the largest direct selling company in the world. I am married to Peggy Jensen, and her 3 daughters and my 2 daughters have given us 9 grand-children and 3 great-grand-children. I am a 29 year member of the Muskegon Y’s Club, and a 15 year member of Toledo Central. During the first of my four terms as president or co-president of Muskegon, in 2001, I coordinated our 75 year celebration, (as Muskegon was founded in 1926). For many years I chaired or co-chaired our White Elephant Sale, and during another term of being president, 3+ years ago, I coordinated the sad but necessary decision to end the live sales efforts, and replace that fund raising effort with on-line auctions. About the same time, I decided to do Y work above the club level and volunteered to be Regional Service Director for International Brother Clubs. I am happy to report I have set-up or participated in, Brother Club Zoom meetings on 6 continents, North & South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Six of the nine grand-children mentioned about have spent multiple years at YMCA Camp Pendalouan, and 2 became Counselors. Continuing to support the Camp Pendalouan scholarship fund, is the Muskegon Y’s Club “reason for being.” As RD of Mid-America, my first and happiest duty is to welcome and support a NEW club, Toledo Y Service Club, with the first 6 charter members inducted in May of this year.

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