North Atlantic 2020 Community Service Day- Help Build a House with Habitat for Humanity Program Photo Gallery

2020 Community Service Day – Help Build a House with Habitat for Humanity: As requested by Y’s Men US Area, North Atlantic Region observed community service day on Saturday. Ffteen Ys Men members from various clubs in the region joined together to help Habitat for Humanity, an international nonprofit organization to build a house. Members travelled approximately two and a half hours to a remote location in the State of New Jersey to start construction work around 7.30 AM. Construction experts from Habitat, divided the Y’s Men volunteers to four groups and assigned projects like painting, move dirt to fill the backyard of a house, Build couple of staircases, erect windows, etc. We contributed towards the cost of materials and the expenses for some of the tools. This all-day activity helped less fortunate to own a house at low cost. Habitat’s Chief of Staff Ashley Biggs explained how the volunteer work will enable Habitat to fulfill its mission of house ownership at low cost to underprivileged people in the community. She appreciated our servicers. Habitat builds a house through efforts by volunteers and contributed money. RD Joseph Kanjamala thanked everyone who participated. Regional Secretary Edwin Katthi coordinated the project. 

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