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Daryl Soltau

Daryl Soltau

Daryl Soltau, North Central Region.  I joined the Y’s Men’s club in Torrance, California in the late 1970s.  Became President in 1983 and served through 1985.  Was also Lt. District governor for the District and Tree Lot Chairman for two years.  In 1996, I retired and moved back to my original home in Minnesota and joined the Minneapolis Southdale Club.  I have been president of that club for six different years.  In 2005, I was selected to be Regional Director for the North Central Region for the years 2005 through 2008.  I have also served the region as Service Director for secretary, historian, community service, and my favorite charity, the Sioux YMCA out on the Cheyenne River Reservation.  I am now serving as the Regional Director again for the year 2019/2020.

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