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Dan Eberly

Dan Eberly

Dan Eberly, Pacific Southwest Region
I am pleased to serve as the Regional Director for the Pacific Southwest Region, for the 2022-23 term. I grew up in Hanford, California a small town in the Central Valley. My father, Carl, taught High School Math and my Mother was a Nurse and later taught Nursing for the High School. My brothers & sisters – Anne, Barry, Wayne & Gail and their families are still very close and we enjoy getting together. My wife, Arlene is a retired Special Education Administrator with the Clovis School District and I am (like Dad) am a retired Math Teacher. Carl, our youngest child is now teaching Math in Orange County and our daughters now live in Washington. Stephanie is a Speech Language Pathologist in Longview and Jennifer, a Marine Biologist, works for Washington Fish & Wildlife in Olympia. Arlene & I are active in the United Japanese Christian Church and I enjoy volunteering with fellow Clovis-Fresno Y Service Club members at Sequoia Lake YMCA camps, Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch and we BBQ a bit.
In 1983, I joined the Fresno Central Y’s Men’s Club, but had been involved with Y’s Men from the age of 5. Dad was fond of saying that “Sequoia Lake YMCA Camp raised his kids”. I spent most of my summers first at YMCA Camp Redwood and then other Sequoia Lake camps as a staff brat, camper, hey-boy, cook and on the maintenance crew. The Y’s Men were our heroes, they built cabins, taught us to fish, served on the Boards and introduced us to Cribbage. I was raised by a village of people who cared. I have the honor to try and repay all of their Service with my own. I have chosen for my theme “Our Service is Our Legacy”. I have met many wonderful and committed men and women through the YMCA and the YMI movement and am proud to be a partner in this movement.

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