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Kathy Naylor

Kathy Naylor

Kathy Naylor, Pacific Southwest Region
My name Is Kathy Naylor. I am pleased to serve as the Regional Director for the Pacific Southwest Region, In California, for the 2019-20 term.
I am privileged to have been raised in Santa Monica, California, with Roy and Maxine Naylor as my parents. My three brothers, Larry, Craig, and Mark, and I grew up attending Y’s Men’s and Y’s Menette’s activities with our family. We participated in outings at our Santa Monica camp on Lake Big Bear, family days at our YMCA, and visitations to the Christmas tree lot, where our dad and mom spent many hours at the holiday seasons. I was impressed when we traveled, by car, as a family, to the International Conventions, staying in the homes of fellow Y’s Men and Y’s Menettes across the U.S.A. In addition, we welcomed these same families into our home. But nothing could compare with meeting the men and women, from around the world, who came to the conventions. Having the experience of attending the international flag ceremony at each convention was a moving experience for a young child. When my father, Roy Naylor, became International President, in 1965, I witnessed my parents’ rich experiences of visiting Y’s Men and Y’s Menettes throughout the world. The kindness of Y Service members and the International emphasis inspire me to continue on in the legacy established by my parents.
I am a retired elementary/music teacher of thirty-four years. I enjoy singing and playing the piano. I am a hiker and I do a regular gym work out. I am a member of the Santa Monica Y Service Club, my Methodist church choir, and P.E.O. My home is a center for hospitality. Please come for a visit!

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