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Paul William Alexander 



2020 – 2022

Alexander Scholarship Fund Emphasis – November 2018


GOAL: $1,000, 000
U.S. AREA $50,000
Recommended Minimum
Area Clubs: $100 And More.

Members: $30 And More One Time or

Three Payments of $10 And More.

Anonymous Matching Fund: $1,000



Aloha Fellow Y Service Club Members and Friends,
“Legacy is about life and living. It’s about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future.” -Susan Bosak. And such is the Paul William Alexander Legacy (PWA).

On half of the Y Service Clubs International U.S. Area, I am extremely pleased and honored as Area President to connect you with the PWA Legacy. While our Area is in hardship over COVID-19, we are connected by our founder’s hopes and dreams. He believed in the mission of the YMCA and with a few friends started the first Y’s Men Club “To serve the YMCA.”

We know he devoted his time, talent, and treasure to grow and expand Y’s Men around the world. As a Judge, he believed in young people and created counseling, social and health services for delinquent youth. We are connected by his legacy passed down from those who came before us, and the legacy we pass down to those who come after us.

This campaign is an investment in the future with six legacy projects identified; two have been completed – the installation of an elegant headstone at his gravesite and the renaming of a community Toledo park in his honor. The remaining projects are long-term and ambitious, but with your support, the legacy projects will become a dream come true.

It is said, it’s not the right time to ask for donations, but as one donor said, “I don’t want COVID-19 to ruin our hearts. We are Y’sdom.” I invite you to be a partner of this historic PWA Legacy Campaign by donating. Yes, we have a generous goal, but your participation is pivotal as it demonstrates the meaning of being a Y’s Man. My principle of donating to any cause is to ‘give not ‘til it hurts but give ‘till it feels good.”

Please complete the PWA Campaign Form. Donate now or pledge but mail your form to your Regional Treasurer or our Area CFO as instructed at your earliest convenience.

Mahalo nui loa – thank you very much.
Yours Y’sly,
Bobby Stivers-Apiki, Area President 2019-2021 


The Paul William Alexander Legacy Task Force was established in 2018 by then IP Moon Sang-bong. The intent was to explore and determine ways by which to honor our founder, Paul William Alexander before our 100th Anniversary in 2022.



  • Installation of a headstone for the unmarked grave of Paul William Alexander in Toledo Woodlawn Cemetery. COMPLETED.
  • The naming of a Toledo public park after Paul William Alexander by the Toledo City. COMPLETED.
  • Purchase of International Headquarters Office (IHQ) office space, preferably in a building to be shared with the World Alliance of YMCAs in Geneva in a joint property venture.
  • Digitalization of Legacy archives and the creation of an online museum.
  • Establishment of a Yʻs Men Legacy Wall at the YMCA Greater Toledo.
  • Establishment of a new international service project in the name of our founder.

To make a donation, please use the Donation button below or mail a check to:

Make your check payable to:
Y Service Clubs International – U.S. Area
Memo line: “PWA Fund Campaign”

Mail to: Abe Thomas, CFO
Y Service Clubs International-U.S. Area
PWA Fund Campaign
19 Brandywine Road
Ocean, NJ 07712