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 Nancy Libby

Nancy Libby, Whittier A.M. Y Service Club, Pacific Southwest Region

Nancy was brought up as a Y’s-ling. Once her children were grown, she joined Y’s Men in November 2002 after attending the International Convention in Sydney, AU, with her parents. After 1½ years, Nancy was elected Regional Secretary, a position she ended up holding for four years. On the club level, she has been Vice President, President, Past President, and currently holds the position of Treasurer. She and her older daughter attended the 2008 International Convention in Odense, Denmark. In 2011, she applied for and was awarded a Brotherhood Fund grant to share with clubs in Australia in 2012. The grant was a gratifying and exciting visit and a wonderful way to share the true meaning of this international organization. Nancy has served as Area Secretary since 2016.

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U.S. Area Corporate Secretary

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